i3 conference, Aberdeen

I’ve spent the last few days at the Information: interactions and impact conference in Aberdeen. Sheila Webber is mentioning a lot of the presentations on her blog and there is also a conference blog. This was a very international conference, bringing together practitioners and academics from a wide range of countries. I felt privileged to have been asked to talk about my own small project and was pleased that it generated a some interest and possible future contacts in my audience. I particularly enjoyed the keynote from Martin Westwell from the Institute for the Future of the Mind, talking about how technology changes the way we think, or more precisely, how what we do with technology changes how we think.
Another thought – an information literate person is aware of all the aspects of IL and chooses to “do it their own way”, so they way often exhibit what appear to be non IL behaviour – we have to be careful not to make assumptions.

Banksia, WA (thanks Darryl)


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