Meet the faces behind each magazine issue, blog post and tweet.

Adam Azzi | Editor
Hello! I’m Adam, the editor of {react}, and I’m in the third year of my PhD. I work with aptamers, which are small RNA molecules that bind to specific targets. At the moment I’m developing an aptamer that binds to and inhibits an important enzyme in E. coli.
Outside of science stuff, I compete for a local rowing club, and take photos on 35mm film.

Sammy Waite | Committee Member
I am a PhD student in the Newcastle NIHR Biomedical Research Centre. I carry out research investigating ways in which we can identify dementia in its early stages. I am also interested in ageing-related changes in muscle and physical function. I am involved with the magazine as an editor and writer. I am a keen believer that science communication and dissemination of knowledge are key aspects of research. I thoroughly enjoy sharing my work with as many individuals as possible to maximise the impact it may have. When I’m not in the lab, I enjoy running, climbing, yoga and cooking.

Justin Byrne | Events Coordinator

Justin will soon finish his PhD on woodland ageing. As a molecular ecologist, his research brings together traditional ecology and DNA sequencing to understand how the bacteria and fungi of woodlands change over centuries. Justin is interested in complex systems and models how networks of interacting species respond to perturbation. He enjoys writing and editing for {react} magazine, and talking about “the good ol’ days”.

Elizaveta Olkhova | Committee Member
My name is Elizaveta Olkhova and I am a second year PhD student at the Wellcome Centre for Mitochondrial Research at Newcastle University. My main roles in the {React} committee include news writing, sub-editing magazine articles and blog post writing. I have been writing blog posts for {React} since my MRes in 2018. I enjoy learning languages such as French and Spanish in my spare time as well as travelling.

Janire Castellano | Committee Member
My name is Janire Castellano. I am a second year PhD student working on Affective Neuroscience and Animal Welfare. I am from the Basque Country, a region in Northern Spain. There I received a Bachelors in Biology and I came to Newcastle to study a Master’s in Animal Behaviour. I love painting, reading, roller-skating and a long walk in the wild nature.

Terri Lau | Blog Manager
Terri is a first-year PhD student at the Translational and Clinical Research Institute. She is interested in point-of-care testing and assay development in tuberculosis. Outside of this, you will find her managing {react}’s online platform, organising the NEPG Conference 2020 or finding her next cup of caffeine.