Presentation of our invited paper given at the IEEE Big Data Congress, 2019.

Efficient Re-computation of Big Data Analytics Processes in the Presence of Changes from Paolo Missier

July, 2018: Paper presentation given at the IPAW 2018 conference. Paper is here

Provenance Annotation and Analysis to Support Process Re-Computation from Paolo Missier

May, 2018: Invited research seminar at Durham University, Computer Science

Selective and incremental re-computation in reaction to changes: an exercise in metadata analytics from Paolo Missier

Feb 2018: A talk at the HPC Opening event at School of Computing, Newcastle University: Assessing the extent of changes in flood simulation

Nov., 2017: Invited talk at university of Leeds School of Computing (School colloquia series)

Preserving the currency of analytics outcomes over time through selective re-computation: techniques, initial findings, and open challenges from Paolo Missier

Sept., 2017: Paper presentation given by Yulong Gu at the 27th International Conference on Inductive Logic Programming: “Adaptive Incremental Learning for Statistical Relational Models Using Gradient-Based Boosting“. [ILP Presentation] . [direct link to paper]

July, 2017: Invited talk given at the 14th Annual Meeting of the Bioinformatics Italian Society (BITS’17)

Preserving the currency of genomics outcomes over time through selective re-computation: models and initial findings from Paolo Missier

An invited talk given in Dec. 2016 at Keele University, UK, on the formulation of two ReComp problems: change impact estimation, and conditional stream processing.

ReComp: Preserving the value of large scale data analytics over time through selective re-computation from Paolo Missier

Our vision for the selective re-computation of genomics pipelines in reaction to changes to tools and reference datasets. How do you prioritise patients for re-analysis given a budget?

ReComp for genomics from Paolo Missier

Working notes on how ReComp addresses selective recomputation of a simple variant interpretation workflow for the diagnosis of genetic diseases.

ReComp and the Variant Interpretations Case Study from Paolo Missier

Internal group seminar, Newcastle University, May 2016

Your data won’t stay smart forever: exploring the temporal dimension of (big data) analytics from Paolo Missier

Paper presentation at the TAPP’16 workshop, McLean, VA, June 2016

The data, they are a-changin’ from Paolo Missier

Panel presentation, EDBT, March 2016

Big Data Quality Panel : Diachron Workshop @EDBT from Paolo Missier

ReComp project kickoff presentation 11-03-2016 from Paolo Missier

Talk given to PhD students in the Scalable Group, School of Computing Science, Newcastle, Nov 2015

ReComp: challenges in selective recomputation of (expensive) data analytics tasks from Paolo Missier