Embedding TEL into curriculum design: It is not an add-on

One common barrier to the adoption of TEL within curriculum design is that amongst important day to day teaching and research and administration of a programme, an academic is expected to engage with TEL methodologies in their teaching. This project does not set out to advice academics on what to teach their students or even how to do so. Academics are experts in their fields and their expertise are regarded with highest value and respect. Instead this project seeks to facilitate reflections on teaching methodologies and existing practices and offers academics an opportunity to consider TEL methodologies as part of a curriculum design rather than an add-on or additional task to the ever increasing tasks that need to be undertaken already.

Embedding TEL into a curriculum design and as part of the daily learning and teaching methodology does not have to be about using new technology. Small changes in existing practice can have the most far reaching impacts effectively supported by existing technologies. We propose that designing curriculum making use of technology enhanced learning strategies can help to tackle the demands of a changing world to reflect the real-world issues faced by universities and colleges as they strive to deliver high-quality learning in difficult economic times. As a curriculum designer myself, the main aim of designing an effective and quality assured curriculum and making the consequent enhancements to curriculum (in teaching, learning support, advice and guidance, coaching, mentorship, peer and collaborative learning, feedback and assessment, personal development planning and tutoring, skills development and practice and access to curriculum resources) are aim at enhancing student’s learning and development and achievements and student satisfaction.

The project authors submit that embedding technology into the everyday design and delivery of a curriculum can lead to quality improvement, enhancement of learning and teaching and whole curriculum transformation.

  • Do you support our view that TEL can be embedded into existing curriculum through careful planning and adequate support and creativity?
  • Do you support our view that TEL can be seen as part and parcel of a curriculum rather than an additional task that needs to be fulfilled to meet institutional requirements of eLearning?
  • If you were designing a curriculum, give an example of how you would embed TEL?

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