Let’s accept this: There are barriers to the adoption of TEL

Digital technology has already changed the way Higher Education institutions func­tion. This is an exciting time in higher education. Institutional leaders and academics are questioning their basic approach to educat­ing students. The traditional model of lectures and seminars are being enhanced by an array of technology-enabled pedagogical innovations. It is quite safe to say that all institutions are experimenting with online delivery of learning and teaching. We believe that online educational technology will bring about fundamental reform in how teaching is delivered and learning takes place in the next few years.

The first purpose of this project is to explore the key obstacles that stand in the way of widespread adoption technology enhanced learning methodologies at traditional Higher Education institutions. The previous posts highlight the many benefits to embedding TEL within a curriculum, despite this we submit that there are a wide array of barriers and resistances from a variety of stakeholders to the adoption of TEL despite of the benefits to institutions and students.

  • In your view, what barriers and challenges do you face in using technology in designing curriculum?
  • If there are barriers and challenges, how do you intend to overcome these?
  • Do you believe that embedding technology can in fact enhance a curriculum?
  • Do you believe there is a place for TEL in curriculum?

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