Strokes of the Brush North East Trust for Aphasia (NETA) Travelling Art Show

A Faculty of Medical Science and Newcastle Institute for Creative Arts Practice Engagement Project, based within Speech and Language Sciences ECLS, Newcastle University


The NETA Travelling Art Show took an exhibition to nine venues across the North East region from June to November 2015, targeting areas where stroke disease is more prevalent.  The exhibition showed high quality art created by people with aphasia and provided information about stroke disease, including risk factors and prevention, research projects and aphasia. Nearly 600 people interacted with NETA members and got first-hand information about aphasia and stroke.


People with aphasia were involved at every level, and Fine Art students helped make it happen. Quantitative and qualitative data show the success of the project in raising awareness of aphasia and stroke.  The public’s comments reflected their appreciation, as in the examples below. The combination of attractive artwork, an experienced person to talk to and literature to take away, helped reinforce the messages. NETA members grew in confidence as the project progressed and they could see the positive impact it was making. Fine Art students had the opportunity to be involved in an inter-disciplinary project and take it out into the community.

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