Training and Support

Sessions take place in the Organisational Development IT Training Room at The Core.


Please note that this is training for Research and Conference websites, not training for the GoMobile programme run by the Corporate Web Team.

Thursday 7th March 2019 13:30-15:30
Monday 8th April 2019 13:30-15:30
Tuesday 7th May 2019 09:30-11:30
Monday 3rd June 2019 09:30-11:30

Co-Working Days

In addition to Training, we provide Co-Working sessions. These are largely unstructured and allow people to work on their Research and Conference websites using T4 or WordPress alongside others who may be more or less experienced at using the system and work on solving any problems you all might have. Depending on demand we might add short workshops on specific topics to these days. Free to drop in during the session times – there’s no need to stay for the whole 2 hours.

Friday 22nd March 2019 09:30-11:30
Tuesday 23rd April 2019 09:30-11:30
Tuesday 21st May 2019 13:30-15:30
Friday 21st June 2019 09:30-11:30

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