Using your eye-deas to improve Asteroid!


Hello eye enthusiasts, and welcome to another exciting instalment of (drumroll please….) ASTEROID ADVENTURES!

We here at Asteroid HQ are always trying to make the Asteroid the best it can be. We’ve been to a lot of schools and nurseries in Newcastle, and we always like asking our participants how much they enjoy playing Asteroid. It is important to us that their feedback and results change the game for the better! Because of this, we decided to take our Asteroid tablets out to the Great North Museum and the Centre for Life to find out more on how we can improve them.

Those of you who have been to either the Centre for Life or The Great North Museum know how much fun they both are – jam-packed full of activities for young ones and their parents to learn more about science. What a perfect fit for the Asteroid 3d eye game! During both sessions, we met some lovely and clever children for some more 3D eye games and activities. There were some older children, but there were also some younger participants. Our youngest visitor was 19 months old! Of course, we had our eye-catching optical illusion displays and distortion goggle activities in store as per usual. But the stars of the show are always our Asteroid tablets – everyone who took part was so excited to have a go that some people queued up to wait for their turn. The more, the merrier – that’s what we say! Of course, everyone who took part walked away with a little prize afterwards: a fabulous certificate signed by Dr Vancleef and a sparkly sticker! What more could be better??

Have a look below at some of the pictures we took before we opened to public visitors. If it looks like we had a lot of fun, it’s certainly because we did!


Below are two pictures from the Meet the Scientist area at the Centre for Life. We brought along our Asteroid tablets, and also displayed our website. On the right are three out of the four Research Assistants: (l-r) Jess Hugill, Sheima Rafiq, and Therese Casanova. Looking very happy, girls!

img_9285 img_9286


Below are three pictures from the Great North Museum visit. Here, you can see Jess trying out one of our distortion glasses. You can also see Carla Black, another of the Asteroid Research Assistants, peeping in the photo. 


img_9255 img_9256


I hope you enjoyed this instalment of the Asteroid Blog. Until next time!








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