Writers’ and Poets’ News

We celebrate more successes of our students. Many are already accomplished authors with publication credits.


  • Alex Reed‘s poetry pamphlet The Nights At Home is published by V. Press. The pamphlet voices the loneliness and isolation that follow bereavement and the predicament of trying to begin anew. The poems are accompanied by Kerren Benning’s photographic images. The publication follows on from the earlier pamphlet A Career in Accompaniment. 
  • Roger Bloor‘s poem Do not Turn this Page!!! is published in the latest issue of Magma Poetry, dedicated to climate change.
  • Natalie Dunn has had five of her poems published in the prestigious Romanian literary magazine Litero Mania. Natalie’s work was selected and translated by the Czech language specialist, translator, poet, author and literary editor Mircea Dan Duta from the Czech original.
  • Poets – students of Poetry School London are holding a poetry reading titled A Buick of Sighs on Tuesday, November 27, from 19 – 22 hrs. It will take place at the Betsy Trotwood, 56 Farrington Road, London.

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