Welcome to the webpage of the Newcastle University Cosmology & Quantum Gravity group. Here you can find out more about our research, group members, open positions, events and possibilities to visit.

Our research group focuses on fundamental physical processes and probes, from high-energy theories and the early universe to cosmological observables in the late-time universe.

Cosmology group picture
Newcastle Cosmology group picture from February 2023
from left to right
back: Alex Gough, Beth Gould, Carola Zanoletti, Niko Šarčević, Charlie MacMahon, Ian Moss, Paul McFadden, Alex Soto
front: Gerasimos Rigopoulos, Cora Uhlemann, Danielle Leonard, Francesca Caloro, Kate Brown, Lina Castiblanco Tolosa, Gary (I-Kang) Liu