The School of Mathematics, Statistics and Physics at Newcastle University welcomes applications for postdoctoral fellowships to be hosted here.

Senior Fellowships

If you are interested in applying for either:

to be hosted at Newcastle University, please submit a preliminary application by the deadline of July 17th, 2022. Applications should be submitted via an email addressed to jarlath.mckenna@newcastle.ac.uk.

The preliminary application should include:

  • A CV with your key publications
  • A 3-page draft proposal

Junior and Flexible Fellowships

We welcome applications for

EPSRC & STFC have re-opened their Stephen Hawking Postdoctoral Fellowship focusing on a range of disciplines in the area of theoretical physics with the aim of reflecting Stephen Hawking’s work in bringing science into popular culture. You must hold a PhD (or equivalent experience) by the start of the fellowship and there is no limit on number of years of postdoctoral experience, but it is aim at postdoctoral level. Fellowships are for three years. As there is closing date, if you are interested in applying to be hosted by the School of Maths, Stats & Physics please get in touch with Jarlath.mckenna@newcastle.ac.uk at any time (well in advance of aiming to apply). Please encourage applicants through your networks, including outside of Newcastle University.

The School of Maths, Stats & Physics is soliciting expressions of interest to apply to the Leverhulme Trust Early Career Fellowship and Royal Commission of 1851 Research Fellowship schemes. Both schemes are aimed at early stage postdoctoral researchers, between about to complete their PhD and typically not more than 4 and 3 years post PhD, respectively. Each fellowship is for three years. If you are interested in applying to be hosted by the School, please submit a 2-page Outline proposal together with CV for consideration for selection, to Jarlath.mckenna@newcastle.ac.uk by 5 December 2022. Please share the attached flyer with your networks, including outside of Newcastle University.

Please contact relevant members of academic staff to discuss applications for these and subscribe to the UK Cosmology Mailing list to be kept in the loop about postdoctoral positions in the UK.