Digital Assets

We have a modest and growing collection of digital assets relating to the School’s past, present and future. This strand of work is in collating, archiving, organising and making this data available for interested parties.

Examples of types of digital assets include

  • Software and data sets produced as part of Research activities
  • Technical Reports published via the School
  • Conference reports and other publications by the School or relating to events hosted ┬áby the School
  • Artwork commissioned by the School for public spaces
  • Photographs from events
  • Databases and catalogues of historic hardware artefacts
  • Archives of historic websites published by the School or its members

An example of a successful endeavour carried out by the group was the digitising of all PhD theses ever awarded by the School, such that the whole collection was available to download in PDF format. To our knowledge, at the time, we were the only UK University department to have achieved this.

We are working to make more of our collection generally accessible.

Specific collection notes

Timelapse photography of the construction of the Urban Sciences Building: approx. 47,500 pictures taken between 2015-2017 totalling 120G.