Get Involved!

We are an entirely volunteer-driven project, and rely utterly on people who are prepared to give a little of their time and expertise to help us move forward. Here is a list of things that we could do with some help with right now. To get involved, please either contact Troy, our Chair or join the mailing list and post a hello message. We can arrange to meet the other volunteers and demonstrate the collections and artefacts.

  • Social media management – help us get the word out to more people. Can we / should we have a Twitter or Facebook presence? Or Instagram? How should we communicate in an accessible way for newcomers: is the mailing list unwelcoming? What could we use instead? Are we using this Blog properly?
  • Virtual Reality Museum – getting the VR museum working; publishing the source code; making improvements; arranging for it to go “on tour” to headsets around campus including the Student’s Union
  • Planning future exhibits – Do you have an idea for a story of the University’s history that could be told using our artefacts? Would you like to get involved in future exhibit planning? We are in the early stages of planning a computer games related exhibit.
  • Interactive solutions – we want to make some of our exhibits interactive. This will involve programming embedded computers (Raspberry Pi) or microcontrollers and exploring technologies like e-ink displays, Infrared sensors, to activate individual LED lights
  • Curating photos and videos – we are deploying sets of digital photo frames and video screens and need help to curate relevant photos and videos to display on them
  • Cataloguing documents – we have large folders of historic documentation that need to be sorted and catalogued, and in some cases scanned to make digital copies available
  • Cataloguing artefacts – we have some artefacts that are not yet catalogued, and need to be researched to get a description of them, take photos, etc.
  • Designing our digital archive system – we need a robust digital archive system to make our collection accessible via the web
  • Building a site map for MOCA – The Roger Broughton Museum of Computing Artefacts website would benefit from a sitemap page that listed all of site’s various sub-pages in one convenient index. Identifying and fixing broken links on the site is another possible task.
  • Slide Scanning – we have a large collection of historic slides to scan and archive.