IBM 360/67

We have a remarkable collection of physical artefacts dating back to 1957, thanks to the dilligent archiving work of Roger Broughton (-2016). After Roger’s passing, the Historic Computing Committee was formed to coordinate the continued development of the collection.

Roger also developed a corresponding Virtual Museum of web pages illustrating and documenting the vast collection. Roger’s Virtual Museum has been moved to a permanent home at this address: http://moca.ncl.ac.uk/


We have four permanent display cabinets and counting, within which we exhibit a mixture of temporary and permanent exhibitions.

Cabinet 1

Cabinet 1

Cabinet 1 normally lives in the foyer outside of the School of Computing Reception, Floor 2, Urban Sciences Building. It houses a selection of artefacts from the mainframe computer era.

Cabinets 2 & 3

Microcomputer exhibit in “Beta”

2 & 3 are situated immediately opposite the main entrance to the Urban Science Building. In 2018, they housed an exhibition of Microcomputers for the Great Exhibition of the North.

Cabinet 4

New Cabinet #4

Cabinet 4 is our newest arrival and is positioned close to the second main entrance to the Urban Sciences Building. Our intention is to use it for a series of rotating exhibits, including sets of our microcomputer collection as well as other themes.