Historic Computing Collection

IBM S/360-67 shortly after installation in 1967.

We have a remarkable collection of physical artefacts dating back to 1957, thanks to the dilligent archiving work of Roger Broughton (-2016). After Roger’s passing, the Historic Computing Committee was formed to coordinate the continued development of the collection.

Roger also developed a corresponding Virtual Museum of web pages illustrating and documenting the vast collection. Roger’s Virtual Museum has been moved to a permanent home at this address: http://moca.ncl.ac.uk/


We have four permanent display cabinets (with five more awaiting installation), within which we exhibit a mixture of temporary and permanent exhibitions.

Cabinet 1

Cabinet 1 normally lives in the foyer outside of the School of Computing Reception, Floor 2, Urban Sciences Building. It houses a selection of artefacts from the mainframe computer era.

Cabinets 2 & 3

2 & 3 are situated immediately opposite the main entrance to the Urban Science Building.

These cabinets house artefacts relating to the IBM 360/67 that was purchased by the Lab in 1967, including the CPU panel (with operational lights), the virtual memory panel that was unique to the model 67, and several modern commissioned pieces. Please see the Cabinets 2 & 3 dedicated page for more information.

Cabinet 4

Cabinet 4 is our newest arrival and is positioned close to the second main entrance to the Urban Sciences Building. It houses a display of micro computers, laptops and personal digital assistants.

Our intention is to use it for a series of rotating exhibits, including sets of our microcomputer collection as well as other themes.