Clinical teaching styles and student satisfaction

JamesFieldThis project led by James Field (SDS) and Paul Miller (ECLS) was funded in the October 2015 round of ERDP Development Grants.  Recent work at Newcastle has shown that there are significant correlations between the ways in which clinical teachers interact verbally with their students, and the subsequent levels of satisfaction that the students report. This project aimed to both further investigate these relationships and to develop a means of providing clear, concise and immediate visual feedback to the educator.  The project team has now finished developing a blurred video-enhanced observation tool which is allowing us to collect data about verbal interaction and student satisfaction within the clinical environment. We have already analysed over 100 clinical interactions since the start of term and whilst we will wait until the end before drawing any conclusions, it is reassuring that the vast majority of our students (well over 95%) are highly satisfied with the support they receive within the clinical environment. The tool is due to be presented and discussed by Paul and James at both ADEE in Barcelona (August 2016) and IADR in Seoul (June 2016).

Dr James Field, School of Dental Sciences

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