Psychology Enterprise Challenge

Stage 1 Psychology students recently took part in an Enterprise Challenge, the initiative aimed to develop psychological literacy and enterprising skills.  The event was supported by Rise Up from the Careers Service and One Voice, a nationwide charity who support communication aid users and their friends and families.   Students were tasked with creating practical solutions to the challenges faced by individuals (and their families) supported by One Voice.  Students worked in their mentor groups to develop their ideas and were encouraged to think about their knowledge of developmental and social psychology to inform their ideas. They then filmed their pitches many of which focussed on the link between an individual’s voice, their expression of self.  Feedback from the event showed that the majority of students felt they had enhanced their experience of applying psychology in real world contexts.  In addition the students felt they had developed their team work and problem solving skills.  Charity representatives judging the pitches commented on how well all the students had engaged with the topic and really thought about what would be useful.  The winning pitch, an idea called ‘Your Voice’ allowed users to tailor the voice produced by their communication to help reflect the individual’s personality. It was commended for offering something really unique that would be appropriate and adaptable across the lifespan.

Amy Fielden , Patrick Rosenkranz, School of Psychology

Charlotte Warin, Careers Service

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