Delivery of Teaching through Social Media

ERDP Development Grant: Identification and evaluation of optimal strategies for delivery of learning and teaching through social media in order to maximise impacts on student learning, engagement and experience

Study visits during spring 2016 provided the valuable opportunity for information regarding facilities, resources and teaching approaches involving social media and technology enhanced learning to be obtained and provided insights into how social media can be implemented into teaching practice. Meetings with academic staff at the University of Dundee, Brighton and Sussex Medical School and the University of Southampton facilitated productive collaborations which have since led to the delivery of a conference workshop and poster presentation on the topic of social media at national conferences in 2016 and further collaborations are planned.

These activities were conducted in parallel with an Equate 2015/16 project that concerned investigating social media usage among academics. ERDP-funded study visits enhanced the knowledge and understanding of the research team when implementing and analysing data from a survey study in which a questionnaire was distributed to teaching staff at internal and regional learning and conferences. A manuscript describing the findings of this study titled “Social media: Where are we now? Current educator usage and perceptions in higher education” has been prepared for publication and was submitted to a technology and education journal in April 2017.  This work describes both the advantages and barriers of using social media in teaching practice and proposes strategies for overcoming potential obstacles when doing so.

Dr Iain Keenan, School of Medical Education

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