Publications Spring 2018

Congratulations to everyone in the Faculty who has published their research this quarter. If anything is missing let us know.

Moxham BJ, McHanwell S, Berkovitz B,  The development of a core syllabus for the teaching of oral anatomy, histology, and embryology to dental students via an international ‘Delphi Panel’. Clinical Anatomy.


Anyiam O, Ware V, McKenna M, Hanley J,  Junior doctor teaching delivered by near peers. Clinical Teacher.


Wiskin C, Barrett M, Fruhstorfer B, Schmid ML,  Recommendations for undergraduate medical electives: a UK consensus statement. Medical Education.


Blaylock P, Ellis JS, McCracken GI, The transition from dental school to postgraduate dental foundation training: strengthening the interaction between stakeholders. British Dental Journal.


Gursoy M, Wilensky A, Claffey N, Herrera D, Preshaw PM, Sanz M, Schlagenhauf U, Trombelli L, Demirel K,  Periodontal education and assessment in the undergraduate dental curriculum-A questionnaire-based survey in European countries. European Journal of Dental Education.


Hester KLM, Newton J, Rapley T, Ryan V, De Soyza A,  Information and education provision in bronchiectasis: co-development and evaluation of a novel patient-driven resource in a digital era. European Respiratory Journal.


B Abdulmohsen, I Gharib, S Mchanwell (2018). How to enhance student engagement through transforming assessment? A creative pedagogic approach. Higher Education Academy STEM Conference 2018: Creativity in Teaching, Learning and Student Engagement.


Lim CP, Roberts M, Chalhoub T, Waugh J, Delgaty L.,   Cadaveric surgery in core gynaecology training: a feasibility study. Gynecological Surgery 2018, 15, 4.. .


Iain D. Keenan, J. Duncan Slater., Joanna Matthan,  Social media: Insights for medical education from instructor perceptions and usage. .




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