Photo © Prof Richard Clay

Invited Talks

  • Keynote, 20 November 2020: ‘Making Do: Towards a Theory of Practice’, delivered at ‘Making Do in Urbanism and the Arts’. Organised by SlowLab, University of Oregon.
  • Keynote, 30-31 May 2019: ‘Globalism is Ordinary’, delivered at ‘Mobilities and Moorings: Renegotiating Spaces and Identities in the Modern and Contemporary French and Francophone Worlds’, Postgraduate Conference, The Graduate School, Queen’s University Belfast.
  • 15 May 2019: Paper delivered as part of ‘Cities and Modern Languages’ seminar, School of Modern Languages, University of Bristol.
  • 19 April 2016: Jein, G. ‘Black Mirror: Digital Culture and Gentrification in Pantin’. Invited paper delivered as part of the symposium ‘Paris Past and Present: Liquid Spaces, Contested Spaces’ held at the School of Advanced Study, Senate House as part of the Cities@SAS initiative and in collaboration with the University of London Institute in Paris.
  • 19 January 2017: Jein, G. ‘Reimagining the City’. Presentation and Facilitation of discussion on Ash Amin and Nigel Thrift’s work in urban cultural geography. Session given at the ‘Cities in Theory’ reading group at the School of Advanced Study, Senate House, London.
  • 27 February 2018: ‘Face Politics & Street Art’. Paper to be given at the Research Cluster ‘The Politics of Culture and Memory’ at the University of Bath.
  • 02 May 2018: ‘Decelerating Transnational Space: Writing Movement in the Global City’. Paper to be delivered as part of the Centre for Transnational Studies seminar series at the University of Southampton.

Conference Organisation

  • 2017: Organiser of ASMCF [Association for the Study of Modern and Contemporary France] Annual Conference. 7–9 September at Bangor University. Along with colleagues in French Studies, I co-organised this Association’s annual conference, which explored the theme of ‘Work and Play’. I organised two panels around the theme  of ‘Work & Play in the banlieues’.
  • 2014: Organiser of ‘City Margins, City Memories’, Institute of Modern Languages Research, Senate House, London, 7–8 April 2014. This international, interdisciplinary conference was organised in collaboration with colleagues from SMLC and the School of Philosophy and Religion at Bangor University. Keynote speakers: Prof. Bill Marshall (French Studies, Stirling University) and Prof. Hugh Campbell (Dean of Architecture, UCD).
  • 2007: Organiser of ‘Dislocation’, Postgraduate Research Conference held at Trinity College, Dublin, 23 March 2007. Organised along with peers in the department of French at Trinity College, Dublin.

Conference Presentations

  • Jein, G. ‘Inventing Greater Paris? Playing with Architecture in the Banlieues’, at ASMCF conference, Bangor University, 8 September 2017.
  • Jein, G. ‘(De)Facing the Suburbs: Street Art and the Politics of Spatial Affect in the Paris Banlieues’. Seminar paper at SMLC research forum, Bangor University, December 2015.
  • Jein, G. ‘Decelerating Travel: Endotic Space and Transnational Paris in Leïla Sebbar’s Métro Instantanés’ at Borders & Crossings/Seuils et Traverses Conference, Liverpool Hope University, 22 July 2013.
  • Jein, G. ‘The Transnational Everyday? Decelerating Space in the récit urbain’ at the XIV annual ADEFFI conference, NUI Galway, 20 October 2012.
  • Jein, G. ‘(De)facing the Wall: JR’s 28 millimètres’ at the XIII annual ADEFFI conference (Association d’Etudes française et francophones d’Irlande), Couvent des Oblats, Aix-en-Provence, 21 October 2011.