Dissertation presentations – MSc Biodiversity & Conservation

So that’s the end of another MSc year. Sad again to say goodbye to students – though I don’t believe for a minute it is ‘goodbye’ but ‘see you later’.

Alex contributed valuable information on the autoecology of lichens occuring in lowland Northumberland

Phil considered a valuable 10 year data set looking at the revegetation of bare peat on moorlands – revegetation project funded by Peatlife – working with North Pennines Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty

Ellie investigated the use of saltmarsh species as bioindicators and Chris looked at seagrass and its role in capture carbon.

More to come…

Ellie’s Bioblitz for Coast Care

We went to support Ellie in her first major event (Bioblitz at Embleton Quarry) since taking up her position as Coast Care Officer, before even finishing her MSc in Biodiversity, Conservation and Ecosystem Management. Was a tremendously well organised and fun event identifying as many birds, mammals, plants, lichens, invertebrates … as possible. With fascinating guided walks from local experts

Photos from Barry Bickerton