What happened to me on my return to the office?

Why did I leave it so long before venturing back into my office?
– Was it because I was being extra careful to not spread Covid? Maybe.
– Was it because I actually quite liked being at home? Maybe
– Or was there another reason that meant I left it as long as seemed reasonable? Maybe
Watch the video to find out. I call it, “Bananas”

Don’t let it put you off the Masters course. I put them in the compost.

Bioblitz in the Drummond courtyard

Hands up who knew there was a courtyard behind the Drummond building. One person claimed to have worked at the Uni for 20 years and never knew it was there

Our first Uni bioblitz with staff from the Uni and from EricNorthEast (environmental records). So for Covid we kept it contained in the courtyard – turned out it was a great place – despite some dubious “wild flower” species

Gordon and Melissa checking the pond – for mosquito larvae as it turned otu
Roy sweepnetting in the no-mow vegetation
Alana, Ling and Sam learning from Janet
Recording our species, looking for insects enjoying the day. Thanks so much to Katy and Melissa for organising a wonderful afternoon

A recce of Benshaw Moss with Northumberland Wildlife Trust

No reptiles under that one either

Duncan and Alice took me round their recent acquisition: Benshaw Moss – what a site! I liked it immediatly as I could see dry heath, wet heath, bog, acid grassland – a great range of habitats with potential for improvemnt. But then they showed me the calcareous grassland, the calcareous flushes and the weird iron rich flush and I was bowled over

So a great place for collaboration – for field trips and student projects and hopefully a bioblitz in the autumn

the weird iron rich flush
The waterfalls and calcareous grassland

So much potential – I’m looking forward to seeing what they will do with it and to working with them on student projects