About Inside Cells and Molecules Blog

ICaMB – Inside Cells and Molecules Blog was created to bring news and views from ICaMB members to everyone.  The idea is to share our ideas, our exciting research, our views on research, science and everything else.

We hope many would be interested in taking part of this conversation by reading our posts, commenting and also contributing with your own posts. A core team of ICaMB academics manages and moderates the blog, but its success will depend on everyone.
Please join us!

Meet the team:

Paula Salgado 

Lecturer in Macromolecular Crystallography
Structural Biologist with keen interest in proteins, science, science policy, science communication, theatre, literature and much more @pssalgado

Bob Lightowlers

Director of ICaMB, Professor of Molecular Neuroscience
Recently converted to the wonderful world of blogs, Twitter and Facebook

Neil Perkins

Prof of Gene Expression & Signalling
NF-kB researcher and trainee twitterer @ndperkins

Suzanne Madgwick
Meiosis Researcher and Wellcome Trust Career Re-entry Fellow 



Kevin Waldron
Kevin Waldron
Metalloprotein obsessive and Sir Henry Dale Fellow

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