We welcome contributions to the blog from anyone in ICaMB and beyond.  This can be about any subject, although research or issues confronting ICaMB,  students and/or researchers is generally expected. We don’t mind controversy – although usual rules of libel and slander will apply. Articles from PIs, postdocs, PhD students, undergraduates, technical and administration staff are welcome!
Above all, we are looking for posts that are interesting and informative.

One area we are very keen to highlight are publications from scientists in ICaMB. If you have an interesting paper coming out (or that has recently been published) please let us know.

Here are some guidelines for what we are be looking for:

1. general appeal: does it have a human interest? can you link to
everyday life in a meaningful way? would your friends or family want to hear about it?

2. impact in your field: does it break new boundaries, gives new insight, reveals new mechanisms?

3. open access: if we can link to something everyone can read, we can get
much more attention and people will get more from it. If it¹s not open
access but fits 1 & 2, we still want to hear about it!

And some of the things we expect you to do:

1. write a short layman summary: 2-3 paragraphs, about 300-500 words

2. be interesting: tell us why you are interested in that research, include funny episodes, ie, bring a bit of you and your team into it.
Tell us the story of that paper, not the paper itself.

3. include pictures: you, your team, the lab, your experiment.
Telling a story visually is much more engaging and helps you get your ideas across

4. consider making a video: we don’t  expect it for most articles but if you can make a video, it’s a fantastic addition to any article.

5. coordinate with us on publication dates, potential embargoes and press releases: let us know in advance so we can time launching your blogpost
to coincide with paper publication

The blog post will also include links to your original paper and so will help draw in readership that way as well.

An opinion or story telling piece will be more straightforward of course but some similar general rules apply:
– keep it short
– make it punchy
– make it interesting

If you are interested or have any questions, please get in touch.

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