Getting to grips with Grouper

Yesterday, Phil and I delivered a short overview session on Grouper, covering what it is, what it’s for, why you might like to use it and some tips and lesser known features.

The session was aimed at both new and existing Grouper users at Newcastle University (anyone who doesn’t consider themself to be an expert). We were very pleased with the turnout (about double what we expected) and the feedback.

If you missed the fun (or if you were there and want to hold on to the experience for a bit longer) you can now enjoy the full session on ReCap and peruse a copy of the slides at your leisure.

By the way, I’d like to offer a belated apology for the Star Wars references; I’ve recently watched the original trilogy with my daughter (her first time) so I’m afraid it was on my mind. I should’ve pointed out that Grouper is not quite as powerful as the Death Star.

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