IMAP Access to Exchange

IMAPs (Secure IMAP) access to the Exchange 2007 servers is now available, however it will only be implemented on a per user basis on the authority of a School Computing Officer and should only be used by non-Windows users.

It’s use will remain unsupported due to the nature of not being able to control which clients access the servers and not being able to provide adequate support for unknown clients. The transfer of existing mail will also remain the responsibility of the user. Any client queries should first be directed to your School Computing Officer.

The introduction of this service is to offer non-Windows users the opportunity to use their preferred mail client against Exchange and subsequently not have the separation of Mail and Collaboration/Calendaring functionality.

Access is limited to IMAPS on port 993

If you would like to make use of IMAP access to Exchange, please ask your School Computing Officer to request access for you through the ISS helpdesk.

Further information and examples of client configuration can be found here

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