New Windows Vista Base Policy open for testing

For the last few months we’ve been developing a new version of the Windows Vista Base Policy. The current version, which has not been updated since Vista’s release , has suffered from a number of problems, particularly with Folder redirection. These have now been addressed and we are pleased to invite you to help us test the new Policy before its full rollout in the few months of next year

These improvements will allow seamless switching between Windows XP and Vista machine on CAMPUS and will make the rollout of the Vista OS viable for the majority of campus users.

To apply the Policy apply to a machine use ‘TEST 0 Windows Vista Base Policy.’ Please note that the test policy should replace the original policy.

New Windows Vista Base Policy Features

Folder Redirection Fixed!

All standard Vista user folders are now redirected to the Network and any duplicate folders are removed but only if they are empty.

This means that users who have accidently saved files to their local machine will not lose them upon the new Base Policy being applied. The table below shows details on the redirection paths. Notice that where applicable, folders have been redirected to the exact location of their Windows XP counterparts i.e. ‘My Music ‘ rather than ‘Music.’

This means that users moving between XP and Vista are using the same folder and will not see duplicates under drive H:\ or C:\Users

Windows Vista Folder Name


New Location


Default Location for Users’s Contacts



Desktop items, including files and shortcuts



Default location for all user created documents



Default location to save all downloaded content



Internet Explorer Favourites



Default location for user’s music files

\\towerx\homex\username\My Music


Default location for user’s video files

\\towerx\homex\username\My Videos


Default location for user’s picture files

\\towerx\homex\username\My Pictures


Default location for saved searches



Default location for user application data and binaries (hidden folder)



Contains Windows Explorer Favourite Links


Saved Games

Used for Saved Games

\\towerx\homex\username\Saved Games


Start Menu

The existing base policy removes the ‘Documents’ label from the Start Menu and replaces it with the full UNC path to the users home directory. This is unhelpful and unsightly. The new Base policy renames the ‘Documents’ label Documents (H:\). This will provide a consistent point of reference for support calls. The Drive map label will also have the same name.

My Pictures and My Music shortcuts reference the new redirected (correct) location.

The computers network name also appears on the start menu providing an ‘at a glance’ view of the computers name.

New Start Menu


To help distinguish Campus Managed Desktop machines branding has been added.

The University crest now replaces the default logon pictures.


The Crest is also visible on the Start Menu

Start Menu

System Properties have also been updated.

System Properties

Other Features

Local Administrators

When using ‘Run as Administrator’ the UAC dialog box will list all local administrators on the machine.

Local Admins

Offline Files

Offline files are now automatically Encypted.


System Drive Permissions redesigned.

The new policy sets stricter permission for the system drive preventing creation of folders by non Administrators as well as creating the C:\TEMP folder on which so many of our packaged applications depend.


We really need feedback on your experiences with the new Policy. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with any comments, questions or issues.

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  1. Hello much improved. does this allow you to find H drive space. We seem to have aprinter problem with HP2430 – 49.4c02 error.

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