Climate Storytelling at Seven Stories

This week young people from the three schools participating in KATS: EFECTS visited Seven Stories to experience the ‘Dare, Dream, Believe’ workshop that centres around Cop26. The workshop takes inspiration from author Sita Brahmachari‚Äôs beautiful book The River Runs Gold, which highlights the urgent need to tackle environmental destruction.

Students got the chance to engage in the ‘Environmentalist vs Industrialist’ climate change debate and in groups, confidently presented their arguments to the class. They then got the chance to put what they have learnt about climate storytelling into practice by designing and creating their very own ‘story’ banner that expressed what is important to them, with regard to tackling climate change, through illustration and creative writing.

West Jesmond Primary even got the chance to protest around Seven Stories with their story banners – chanting ‘THERE’S NO PLANT B! THERE’S NO PLANET B!’