Creating a UK – India KATS Network!

This week we re-visited St Teresa’s Primary – who recently participated in the KATS project – to create a global network between their school and the children from Nizamuddin Basti in Delhi. What an exciting opportunity!

The first session began by exploring the two pressing environment issues – climate change and ocean pollution. Using the VR headsets we dove into the underwater world, and explored the harsh realities of climate change, discussing its impacts on our planet and our lives. From rising temperatures to extreme weather events, the children learnt that we all have a role to play in protecting our planet.

We then turned our attention towards the climate challenges that face India – particularly Smog in Delhi. With its large population and rapid urbanisation, the children learnt that Delhi faces severe challenges with air pollution. It was a stark reminder that environmental issues face people living all over the world – and we MUST take action.

Feeling both inspired and empowered, the children put their creativity to work and wrote some heartfelt messages to children living in Delhi, sharing snippets of their lives in Newcastle and asked them lots of questions about their city.

Elle is off to Delhi soon to see the children, share St Teresa’s postcards and encourage them to write back and continue this global connection!