Meet the Team

Say hello to the KATS team!

Our team here at Newcastle University are enthusiastic about teaching the Sustainable Developing Goals and empowering young people to become climate changemakers!

Professor Pauline Dixon (KATS Creator)

KATS was created by Pauline in her role as Co-Investigator for the Water Security and Sustainable Development Hub. KATS helps nurture creative thought in children around the SDGs focusing on the environment and climate action.

Elle Young (KATS Lead)

Elle is the KATS lead working with the Water Security Hub here at Newcastle University to deliver this highly successful education programme globally. She has delivered the project to over 2000 young people.

Dr. Andrea Wilkinson (KATS Associate)

Andrea is an expert in Small Island Developing States (SIDs) and is passionate about education and the UNSDGs. Andrea helped to lead our recent KATS project in Barbados as well as in schools in the Northeast.

Dr. Maria-Valasia Peppa (Expert in Geospatial Engineering)

Maria is an expert in geospatial engineering, specialising in how drones can be used to collect data about our changing environment. Maria was a STEM expert in our latest KATS: EFECTS project and helped students to become engineering by creating boats out of empty plastic bottles.

Dr. Nasser Tuqan (Expert in Water Security)

Nasser is a research associate for the Water Security and Sustainable Development Hub and specialises in water systems management. He was also a STEM expert in our recent KATS: EFECTS project and helped to run a water filter activity with students.

Flooded Cellar has worked with KATS from the very beginning in 2021 to help document the KATS project in schools in the UK as well as in Barbados and India. Dr Declan McCormack and Sue Price formed Flooded Cellar Productions in 2002, with the aim to producing documentaries around the world