Introducing KATS: UK

KATS aimed to encourage young people to become climate superheroes by equipping them with the tools to take #ClimateAction

The Kids Action Thru Science (KATS) project, piloted by the Water Security Hub, has been piloted in two local schools in the North East of England, aimed to engage young people in climate change issues and youth action.

The Power is in their Hands

This initiative was an innovative six-week programme that combines natural and social sciences to improve young people’s knowledge of climate change. Grounded in hands-on activities and enquiry-based learning, this programme was formed by a multidisciplinary team from diverse disciplines, including education, water and microbial science, geomatics and architecture. Designed to be inquisitive and make learning meaningful, the overall aim of the programme was to help young people acquire the skills to become climate activists and understand the importance of global citizenship.

“You need to listen to us and you need to think about what we’re saying. We need to act now, not in 4 months, not in a year, but now.”

Josh, Corbridge Middle School

Piloting KATS

Working with collaboration with teachers Meryl Batchelder (one of the first UN accredited climate change teachers) and Marion Pound, both passionate advocates of climate change, the KATS team piloted the initiative at Corbridge Middle School, Northumberland and Percy Main Primary School, North Shields. 

Over the course of six weeks, students learnt about global citizenship, fast fashion, water conservation and pollution prevention, soil protection, the impacts of air pollution and the power of storytelling and renewable and non-renewable energy. Throughout these sessions, students were able to use hands-on activities to explore these climate change issues, including using virtual reality headsets, air quality testing kits, mobile water testing labs, and UAS technology (integrating geospatial and environmental sensors).

Making an Impact

At the end of the Corbridge Middle School sessions, we were joined virtually by James Honeyborne, the Blue Planet II executive producer, to talk to the students about the power of storytelling and encouraging people to think about climate change. The students then shared with James some of their work, and what they had enjoyed the most during their learning journey.

What Next?

KATS are working with the Water Security and Sustainable Development Hub, to roll out The KATS team continues to work with the Water Security Hub to develop and deliver the project in Colombia, Ethiopia, India, and Malaysia, as well as expanding into Small Island Developing States (SIDS). We hope that the KATS project helps to equip the next global generation with an understanding of water security, climate change, and the importance of global citizenship.