KATS goes International

The team flew to Barbados in November 2022, to deliver the first international version of KATS to three groups of young people – Providence Elementary School, Haynesville Community and Eco Kids Barbados.

Young people became news reporters, by reporting about climate change in SIDS on the KATS Global Network, and citizen scientists by collecting important data about weather patterns within their local environments. They also zoomed with a KATS alumni school – West Jesmond Primary, where they got the chance to exchange knowledge about climate change, and think of ways they could work together!

KATS: Barbados (SIDS) was the first integral step in expanding the project globally, where we aim to connect and champion young climate superheroes from around the world to take #ClimateAction together!

Find out more about our KATS: Barbados by checking out the brand new film created by Flooded Cellar Productions.