Fifty Shades of Clay

After heavy showers last night we expected the site to be soaked through when we arrived, however there were only a couple of small puddles to be mopped up. We took to other duties whilst we waited for the site to dry out: finishing the grid co-ordinates, organising the paperwork and established a Temporary Bench Mark on site.

We then took advantage of the moist conditions to trowel back a 20m x 5m section of the trench to reveal more features in the northern end of trench. There seems to be multiple features present in the changing colours of clay.


A brief diversion mid-day was a close fly-past by a flight of Merlin helicopters from RNAS Yeovilton.

We then continued to excavate our features from yesterday. Chris and Hayley found pottery dating from the 4th century in their feature, whilst James H found pottery dating from the Late Iron Age to the Early Roman Period in his. The day finished with a team discussion regarding the sequence of our excavated features, it’s complicated but we will not be beaten!

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