Ditches, holes and rain

Today most of the team were rained off and it was up to James G, Andy, Elliot, Hayley and Pete to work on site.

At the start of the day, Elliot and Hayley were tasked with drawing the southern limit of excavation in its entirety. After entering the mirror world and accidentally drawing it backwards they managed to rectify it.

Meanwhile Andy was struggling with the GPS and the Total Station which both thought they were still in Greece!

While everyone else was working hard, James G and Pete started excavating a hypocausted room connected to the apsidal room in the north end of the trench.

At lunch time, the van was struck with tragedy as it found its back wheel in a ditch. After several (unsuccessful) attempts at problem solving, the team had to ask the landowner, James Pullen to pull the van out of a ditch with his tractor. James saved the day and pulled the van out of the hole to allow us to continue our work.


James G, Elliot and Pete continued to work hard all afternoon until Doug arrived with Hayley and Andy to provide some back up for the end of the day.

After Jeff decided to over salt the chilli, the team went to the Airfield Tavern for their tea.

The team are all looking forward to the open day tomorrow and continuing the excavation!

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