Irreversible pulpitis study

This study looking at the impact of irreversible pulpitis.

Study details: An observational study aiming to a) investigate the impact of irreversible pulpitis on patients quality of life in the context of other dental emergencies and b) identify the best management strategy for treating irreversible pulpitis in an emergency setting.

Disease indication/ Target patient population: All patients presenting to primary care in pain/ with dental emergencies

Recruitment start date: 01/02/21

Recruitment end date:  03/05/21

Recruitment period: 3 months

Specific site requirements: primary care site (NHS, private or mixed) that treats dental emergencies as part of their overall care provision.

The study team would like to engage with General Dental Practitioners across the NDPBRN. If this is something you may be interested in being involved in please register using the link or contact DAVID or SABRINA: