Jalal Al-Tamimi

Lecturer in Experimental Phonetics and Phonology, ECLS (HASS)
email: jalal.al-tamimi@u-paris.fr
website: http://www.llf.cnrs.fr/fr/Gens/Al-Tamimi and https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Jalal-Al-Tamimi

Laboratory Phonology; multiplicity of acoustic correlates in production, perception and learning; speaker and dialect classification; Quantifying voice quality; role of epilarynx in speech processing

My research looks at the interface between phonetics and phonology by systematically examining the role of multiple acoustic correlates in speech processing, production, perception and learning. Examining the role of secondary correlates, e.g., voice quality in pharyngealisation, tenseness in gemination, secondary correlates of voicing in singleton and geminate contexts, role of dynamic cues in production and perception of vowels, nasality in pharyngeals, etc. I rely on instrumental techniques to examine the multiplicity of correlates, e.g., acoustic analyses, and recently articulatory data, such as Ultrasound Imaging, and Electroglottography. I use advanced quantitative methods, e.g., (Generalised-)Linear Mixed effects Modelling, Cumulative Linear Mixed-effects Modelling, classification techniques, such as, Discriminant Analyses, Random Forest via Conditional Inference Trees, and data reduction techniques, e.g., Factor Analyses, and Principal Components Analyses.
I am currently engaged in two projects. The first aims at developing a forced alignment system for Arabic using the MAUS system. The second project looks at the articulatory and acoustic correlates of the epilarynx in describing guttural consonants in Levantine Arabic.