Children in need – Fundraising during a pandemic

By Lauren Phoenix

COVID-19 has forced many organisations including ‘Children In Need’ to change and adapt to new ways of working, the organisations that don’t respond and be reactive to the pandemic will fall behind.

According to Charities Aid Foundation during COVID-19, there has been an increase in demand for charity services, however, the donations have dropped over 50%, meaning that fundraising is vital during this time. However, with fundraising events being cancelled ‘Children In Need’ need to clearly communicate new, safe ways people can fundraise following the government’s guidelines. If they create positive meaningful communication with their audience and keep stakeholders engaged and aware this will allow them to meet their fundraising targets.

Children In Need’ has adapted to the crisis with new ways of communicating and with a stronger focus on shared and earned media. Despite ‘Children In Need’ having strong relationships with the public, they need to continue to build these relationships online to increase awareness using clear, transparent communication to encourage fundraising and highlight the importance of sponsorships.

Social media is very important for organisations during the pandemic as it allows them to easily connect with audiences and create a sense of community online which is important for relationship building. ‘Children In Need’ state on their website “Good news travels fast on social media – and not only will it keep you connected in difficult times; it might inspire others to donate as well!” (BBC Children in Need, 2020). This highlights the importance of earned media to increase exposure and engagement. COVID-19 has provided the opportunity for change with new relevant ways to communicate and reach new audiences, offering virtual and digital events and this type of communication may be where the future lies.

Lauren Phoenix is a student blogger from the MA in Media and Public Relations at Newcastle University


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