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Knowing neurons: a network of neuronal knowledge

By Grace Laws

How do dolphins not drown when they’re sleeping? What does loneliness to do our brain? Why do polar bear pups and penguins melt our hearts? These questions may seem unlinked- but they all have a key component at play: neurons. Neurons are the building blocks of our nervous system, nerve cells that weave intricate networks in our brain and communicate with one another via electrical signals. Networks of neurons work together to convey information about what we are doing, how we feel and where we are. But how can what we know about neurons and the brain shed light on any of the aforementioned curiosities?

PhD and postdoctoral researchers at Knowing Neurons have created a website dedicated to all things brain-related. Knowing Neurons is an educational tool to pique the public interest in neuroscience. The team of young neuroscientists produce a variety of resources on the latest advances in neuroscience- through infographics, videos, blog posts and interviews with leading scientists. They even review popular literature on the brain. The Knowing Neurons team have done an exceptional job on making neuroscience accessible to anyone who is interested. Earlier this year, they won the Society for Neuroscience Next Generation Award for their outstanding contribution to public communication and education of neuroscience. Explore the fascinating world of the brain at:

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