7th December – Skating and Sliding


'Skating and Sliding' front cover

Skating and Sliding‘ front cover, by J.G. Wood et. al (796.91 WOO)

Skating and Sliding‘ by the Reverend J.G. Wood and other writers is an example of the series which also treated such subjects as cricket, manly exercises, fireworks, swimming and conjuring. This particular manual takes learners through the history of skating, putting skates on, how to start from the inside edge and progresses to various skating figures, such as the Dutch Roll and the Figure of Three. It quotes three maxims attributed to renowned skater Robert Ferguson: “Throw fear to the dogs”, “Put on your skates securely” and “Keep your balance”!

Skating and Sliding is from the 19th Century Collection. To read more about this book, click here.

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