Northern Stage

Northern Stage is a theatre and producing theatre company, situated at the heart of Newcastle University’s city centre campus.  

Originally the University Theatre, the building opened in 1970. This photograph taken in 1969 shows the site prior to the theatre’s construction. 

In the late 1980s, the Northern Stage Theatre Company, who had been resident at the theatre before temporarily moving, returned to the venue, and the theatre was renamed Newcastle Playhouse and Gulbenkian Studio, home of Northern Stage. 

After it closed for major refurbishment work in 2004, it was decided to amalgamate the venue (Newcastle Playhouse) and resident theatre company (Northern Stage) into one organisation. The building reopened its doors in 2006 under a new name, Northern Stage

Photograph of the Northern Stage, photograph taken by John Donoghue

Northern Stage is widely regarded as one of the top producing theatres in the UK and, each year, as well as their own in-house productions, Northern Stage presents work from visiting local, national and international companies and artists. 

See more information about Northern Stage on their website.

To see more photographs of Newcastle University campus from the university archives, visit CollectionsCaptured.


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