1st December – The Partridge


‘On the First day of Christmas my true love sent to me…
a Partridge in a pear tree’

Illustration of a partridge

‘The Partridge’ from Thomas Bewick’s History of British Birds, Vol I (761 BEW)

To start off our Special Collections #ChristmasCountdown is an image of The Partridge from Thomas Bewick’s History of British Land Birds, Vol I.

“The length of this bird is about thirteen inches: The bill is light brown; eyes hazel; the general colour of its plumage is brown and ash, elegantly mixed with black…Partridges are chiefly found in temperate climates; the extremes of heat and cold are equally unfavourable to them: They are no where in greater plenty than in this island, where, in their season, they contribute to our most elegant entertainments”. (pg. 305-306)

History of British Birds is published in two volumes. It was the first field guide for non-specialists and contains accurate illustrations of bird species. Aspects from the History of British Birds is used in poetry and literature.

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