Sustainability tips and tricks for individuals on the move

Sustainability at Newcastle University  

At Newcastle University, we work on large-scale projects to decrease our carbon dioxide emissions and other negative effects of our activities. As well as this, we encourage sustainable behaviour from our community, and we want to support you with this action. 

Sustainability can be particularly tricky when you’re on the go, so we have pulled together some tips that may help embed some useful habits into a daily routine. 

If we have missed any tried and tested tips, write them down in the comments to share with others! 

Sustainability when you’re on the move 

  • Use your reusable water bottle and coffee cup. 
  • Use your existing reusable shopping bags – we all have them – it’s not sustainable to buy new ones each time you go shopping. 
  • Bring lunch with you to campus, and if you’ve not had time to prepare lunch, choose a takeaway lunch with less or no plastic packaging. 
  • Recycle waste correctly by following our guidance posters which are located above the bins in our buildings on campus. 
  • Walk, wheel, cycle or take the bus or metro to and from campus – you will be decreasing your carbon footprint and the University’s. 
  • Textbooks: buy online versions, second-hand copies, or borrow them from the library where possible. 
  • Shop second-hand for clothes, accessories, electronics, furniture, books… the list goes on! If you’re after physical charity shops, there are loads in the city centre and Jesmond.  
  • Dress for your comfort level in the autumn and winter: you might feel the cold more than others so please do wear appropriate clothing and extra layers. 
  • Talk about sustainability! Ask what it means to others, chat through sustainability action, and you might inspire them to do more. 

If you would like to read some additional sustainable lifestyle tips, check out our lifestyle section on the blog to learn how to introduce sustainability into your kitchen and bathroom.

Sustainability Network 

Want to stay up to date with climate action and sustainability at Newcastle University? 
The Sustainability Network will communicate information about climate action progress at Newcastle University, empower the community with knowledge on key sustainability themes, and advertise upcoming events. 

Join the Sustainability Network!

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