Project ideas

Projects suitable for MSc students:

Project 1 – Mammals in the Kilombero Valley. Pdf. The first phase of this project has now been completed by Miss Chloe Coole (MSc student, Newcastle University, UK). Chloe was awarded a 1st for ther thesis. She analysed data collected between November 2019 and May 2020. Further data will be available from October 2020 onwards.

Project 2 – Pest control through animal interactions and its impact on crop yield and health Pdf.

Project 3 – Trade-offs and synergies in policies targeting crop production, biodiversity conservation and forestry in Tanzania. Pdf.

Project 4 – Habitat dependency of birds in Kilombero, Tanzania. Pdf.

Project 5 – Identifying yields and yield gaps of pollinator-dependent and pollinator-independent crops grown in the Kilombero Valley, Tanzania. Pdf.

Projects suitable for PhD students:

Project P1 – Social constraints for tree restoration opportunities in the Kilombero Valley landscape. Pdf. This project is now being imlemented by Miss Eleanor Moore., Newcastle University. October 2020 – April 2024.