Project Team

Agrisys Tanzania will be managed through a project team working with expert consultants, research assistants and partners to deliver on the project objectives.

(1) Project team

PI Dr Marion Pfeifer, TROPS@MEP lab, SNES, Newcastle University, UK. Mail to: Key expertise: Ecology, Remote Sensing, Biodiversity Head of TROPical landScapes Lab in the Modelling, Evidence & Policy RG at Newcastle University. We tweet at @marion_pfeifer and @ModEviPol.

Co-I Prof Susannah Sallu, SEE, Leeds University, UK. Mail to: S. Key expertise: Rural livelihoods, Vulnerability, Climate change resilience, Tanzania

Co-I Dr Deo Shirima, Sokoine UNiversity of Agriculture, Tanzania and National Carbon Monitoring Centre. Mail to: Key expertise: Agroforestry, Sustainable use of forest resources

Co-I Esther Kioko, Department of Zoology, National Museums Kenya, Nairobi, Kenya. Mail to: Key expertise: Agricultural entomology, East Africa

Dr Pieter Olivier, Co-Director of M.A.P. Scientific Services. Pretoria, South Africa. Mail to: Key expertise: Bird surveying & Mapping, Sub-Saharan Africa

Prof Roy Gereau, Director of Tanzania Botanical Research and Conservation Programme, Missouri Botanical Garden, US. Mail to: Key expertise: Botany

Prof Andrew Marshall, ARC Future Fellow, Tropical Forests and People Research Centre, University of the Sunshine Coast, Australia. Mail to: Key expertise: Forest restoration, Forest resilience, Tanzania

Dr Sergio Guerreiro Milheiras. Research Associate. Tropical Landscapes lab, Newcastle University, UK. Mail to: Key expertise: human well-being and biodiversity

Canisius Kayombo, Forestry Training Institute, Olmotonyi, Box 943, Arusha,TZ. Mail to: Key expertise: Botany

Laura Braunholtz, PhD student in the Tropical Landscapes lab, Newcastle University, UK. Mail to: Key expertise: Camera trapping

Morris Mtua, Department of Zoology, National Museums Kenya, Nairobi, Kenya. Mail to: Key expertise: Insect and insect functions

Robin Loveridge. PhD student at University of York, UK. Mail to: Key expertise: Human well-being

Our field crew (the ones that do the hard work on the ground):

Our socio-ecological systems team comprises:

Lilian Fredy Mwanga, BSc,

Petro Paulo Nnyiti, BSc,

Elineema Baraka, BSc,

Following a fieldwork break (May 2020 – May 2021) we have now restarted, and our ecological and sensor data team has changed. Evodius has taken on the role as field team leader and coordinator, and he will be managing the different tasks and data to be implemented on the ecological plots. Congratulations, Evodius, on the promotion.

Evodius Ishengoma, Team lead in Tanzania, BSc,





Azizi S. Lyangile; BSc Art in Geography and Environmental Studies

Petro- Mihayo, BSc Wildlife Management

And we have wished good bye to our awesome local assistants who have worked with us between November 2019 and April 2020. Gilberth moved on to a position teaching at Sokoine University of Agriculture. Congratulations.

Gilberth Temba, BSc

Christina Kalinga, Mang’ula B,

Martine Kodimbaya, Mang’ula A,

Godfrey Mwambene, Kidatu,

(2) Partners: agribusiness, international

NGOs and government agencies in the sector for co-production of research, educational and outreach charities for delivering project impact

Kilombero Valley Teak Company. Tanzania. Contact: Irvine Kanyemba. Mail to:

Kilombero Plantations Limited. Tanzania. Contact: Graham Anderson. Mail to:

Kilombero Sugar Company. Tanzania. Contact: Guy William. Mail to:

NGO COCO Education Charity. Headquarters in Newcastle. Working for sustainable agriculture and schools in Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya. Contact: Jess Hamer. Mail to:

Tanzania Agricultural Research Institute (TARI), a semi-autonomous body of the government under the Ministry of Agriculture, responsible for conducting, regulating and coordinating all agricultural research activities in Tanzania. Contact: Elias Letayo. Mail to:

Tanzania Forest Service agency (TFS), a semi-autonomous government Executive Agency. The Agency is mandated to sustainably undertake conservation, development and utilization of national forest and bee resources so that they contribute to the social, economic, ecological and cultural needs of present and future generations. Contact: Prof Dos Santos Silayo. Mail to:

World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF). Contact: Dr Anthony Kimaro. Mail to: