ASTEROID Project Blog #1

The journey began

The spacious school library was very welcoming as we all assembled on a warm September’s morning. Team ASTEROID included four Research Assistants, an Orthoptist and our lead Vision Scientist on the day. Excitement, anticipation, enthusiasm and determination were merely a few of the notions passing through us.

It was our first morning of data collection on 9th September, 2016. The day unravelled as we set about organising the paperwork for the children – assigning roles to different members of the ASTEROID team, although unable to apprehend how this first testing session would map out. The day’s challenge of testing both Year 2 and Year 6 motivated each team member to perform duly and well. We would officially begin here from child participant number 0001 on the road to reaching over 1000 children!

The day passed quickly as some of us proudly presented the ASTEROID tablets to excited young children and tested them using the Randot test books in order to gauge their level of stereovision (3D vision), closely following our standard operating procedures. Additionally, conducting the cover test and vision test as well as rewarding each individual with stickers and ‘Junior Scientist’ certificates. The children were quite animated and immensely enjoyed the 3D test on the ASTEROID tablet which manifested as a fun and enjoyable game.

The highlight of that particular session was a young girl from Year 6 whom looked quite eager to begin. As she sat waiting for the tests to follow, she exclaimed, “That is so cute!” to the tiny red ASTEROID logo displayed on the testing map each child held. It made the whole team smile. The stream of children soon ceased as the day came to a closure, with the great hospitality of the school and the wonderful team, the day’s achievement was recorded as approximately 65 children tested in a day.

It was a brilliant start indeed. We now had a better idea of what the testing sessions would entail, the timings of tests as well as a general feel of some of the year groups.

A big thank you to all the schools and nurseries that have thus taken part. Certainly looking forward to the multitude of schools and nurseries that have been booked for the next couple of weeks and meeting new children.

…Watch out for the next post and learn more about our endeavours!


If you are interested in taking part please contact us on: we are testing various year groups and will offer gift cards and/or science workshops as a token of appreciation for your time and co-operation.


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