Emily Teraoka


Photo by Seán Kiely

[ mojave ]

wind sand dust devils barren spiral silver blaze

glint white lightning shatter storms humid heat

shelter cave obsidian bursting stars echoes vast

salt canyon floods red stone restless bones flint

agate fire exposed offal fox cottonwood tracks

weaving grain spirit mountain ore  springs cool

coyote river trout endless skies lost cities shells

fossil ghost mule blistered sun hand saddle bag

lantern whiskey horse rifle  foe and faux friend

coffee dreams seeking fools gold miner bloody

mud explosion railroads tick tock hawk horizon

hollow massacre mercury poison thirst cholera

lawless widow bibles tombstone creosote faded

forsaken petrification jackrabbits haunted howl

sundowns simmer  six feet slumber under earth


Emily Teraoka has completed MA in Creative Writing in 2018. She comes originally from California. In her writing, she likes challenging herself in uncharted territories and would like to try all forms of writing possible. She often explores American culture and socio-political dynamics.

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