Jake Morris-Campbell


Photo by Seán Kiely



On Not Finding Bede

At the throat of the Don

        where twin Tyne tunnels

undercut Crackwillow

        we searched for you.

We searched for you

        in Go-To-Bed-At-Noons,

by Pellitory-Of-The-Wall,

        through Lady’s Bedstraw.


At Station Burn, Field Scabious

        could have been your glow;

Black Medic your remedy.

        We searched for you

the way Small Tortoiseshells

        and Meadow Browns

search Timothy and Tansy;

        how miners’ caged Linnets

trace Bernician sky.

        We thought we traced

your coracle over Whitburn Steel;

        clouds scattering

for your arrival, but as we looked

        beyond Souter Point

we could only see waves—

        like praying hands of saints.



This poem featured in Land of Three Rivers: The Poetry of North-East England (Bloodaxe, 2017)



Jake Morris-Campbell was born in South Shields in 1988. A recipient of New Writing North’s Andrew Waterhouse award, he has published two pamphlets of poetry: The Coast Will Wait Behind You (Art Editions North, 2015) and Definitions of Distance (Red Squirrel Press, 2012). He is completing a PhD in Creative Writing at Newcastle University. www.jakecampbell1988.blogspot.com

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