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Politics at Newcastle University

images.jpgNewcastle University has released a new video to show the benefits of studying Politics here.

Although I’m now a PhD student, I also did my undergraduate in Politics at Newcastle from 2009 until 2012. Throughout my time here, I studied a range of aspects of politics, eventually narrowing down to British political parties and elections, which is my research field now. In my three years on the course, I benefited greatly from the expertise, advice and knowledge of the lecturers in the department, and I wouldn’t be doing PhD study now were it not for them.

The programme received excellent results in this year’s National Student Survey, has new exciting modules in the coming years, and allows you to live in Newcastle, a fantastic place to work and study.

Check out the video, or visit the department’s website here for more information.




Politics PGR Conference

I’ll write more about this in a couple of weeks, once it’s all gone smoothly (hopefully), but next Friday is the annual Politics PGR Conference. The conference brings together some of the PhD students in our department, to present either a chapter from their thesis or a general research paper.

As well as presenting, I have the pleasure of organising this year’s conference, along with Russell Foster. For more information about the conference, click here. It should be a great day, and it’s open to everybody to attend, so please come along.

Film 2013

My latest blog (and first of 2014) is not related directly to my studies. It concerns films, and more specifically the films I watched during 2013. It is, however, related to studying Politics at Newcastle. I’ll return to why later on.

I decided to keep a list of films that I watched throughout 2013 due to a pub conversation with a friend at the end of 2012. We were discussing the films we had seen that year. It would have been a fine conversation, except for the fact that I couldn’t remember what films I’d seen, thus a list for 2013 was born. The full list is below (with clickable links to each film’s IMDB page). Continue reading Film 2013