The research team currently includes the following members:

PhD students:
Ms Xiaoqi Yu (antimicrobial resistance in rivers)
Ms Ana Amezaga-Kutija (catchment management for reducing THMs)
Mr Andre Frota (catchments as the first stage of treatment)
Ms Joy Ginika-Osuorji (petroleum spill bioremediation)
Mr Kasim Sani Musa (produced water treatment)

Former group members

Research associates and technicians:
Dr Rixia Zan
Dr Elliot Brooks
Mr Adrian Blackburn
Dr Kishor Acharya
Mr Tom Komar
Dr. Wojciech Mrozik
Dr. Badruddeen Sani
Dr. Paola Meynet 
Dr. Timothy J. Martin
Ms. Donna Swan

PhD students:
Dr Rixia Zan (PhD 2023, now at Newcastle University)
Dr Aom Plaimart (PhD 2022, now at Rajamangala University of Technology Suvarnabhumi)
Dr Emmanuel Johnson (PhD 2021, now at OGI Groundwater Specialists)
Dr Jiaqian Wang (PhD 2021, now at Jiangsu University)
Dr Nathan Keighley (PhD 2020, now at Ricardo)
Dr Jian Zang (PhD 2020, now at Chonqqing University)
Dr Vincenzo Padricello (PhD 2020, now at Exponent)
Dr Alero Arenyeka (PhD 2018, now at the Environment Agency)
Dr Maria Valdivia-Garcia (PhD 2017, now at Imperial College London)
Dr Onotasamiderhi Tarric Igun (PhD 2017, now at Arc Environmental Ltd)
Dr Badruddeen Sani (PhD 2016, now at Ahmadu Bello University Zaria)
Dr George Mangse (PhD 2015, now at Nile University)
Dr Khaled M Mossa-Bushnaf (PhD 2013, now at El-mergab University)
Dr Abdulmagid Ali (PhD 2011, now at the Petroleum Training & Qualifying Institute)
Dr Sarah Hale (PhD 2009, now at the Norwegian Geotechnical Institute)
Dr Nayrah Khandani Ahranjani (PhD 2007)
Dr Ying Luo (PhD 2007)

Visiting professors and researchers:
Dr Osuolale Olayinka (Elizade University)
Prof Manish Kumar (IIT Gandhinagar)
Prof Xin Xin (Chengdu University of Information Technology)
Prof Parinda Thayanukul (King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi)
Dr Son Trinh (Vietnam National University)
Dr Zhantao Han (Chinese Academy of Geosciences)
Prof Hrissi K. Karapanagioti (University of Patras)
Professor Yuksel Ardali (Ondokuz Mayis University)
Prof Richard Luthy (Stanford University)
Dr Yoshinori Takahashi (Nihon Nohyaku)

Visiting/occasional postgraduate students:
Ms Jemila Mohammed (Addis Ababa Water and Sewerage Authority)
Ms Jie Huang (China University of Geosciences Wuhan)
Mr Said Maneno (Ardhi University)
Ms Franella Halla (Ardhi University)
Mr Sanjeeb Mohapatra (IIT Bombay)
Ms Bridget Ulrich (Colorado School of Mines)
Ms Elena Moliterni (University of Castilla La Mancha)
Ms Sara Puricelli (Politecnico di Milano)