At Ardhi University, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, we collaborate on the IMAGINE project with:
Dr Shaaban Mgana
Mr Said Maneno
Ms Franella Halla
Mr Ramadhani Mbylume

Read our press release about the work we are doing in Dar es Salaam.
Read Franella’s paper on bacterial hazards in the subsurface of an informal settlement.
Read Kishor’s paper on chlorination effects on DNA based characterisation of drinking water microbiomes.
Read Kishor’s paper on our molecular microbiology lab in a suitcase.
Read Kishor’s MinION method validation paper.

October 2019: THE BIG MOMENT, Franella loading the flow cell at Ardhi University. From water sampling to 8 million reads within a week! Everything done in Tanzania! A big success!

October 2019: Preparing the flow cell for 16S rRNA amplicon sequencing

October 2019: Franella adds buffer solution to help the sample move into the flow cell

October 2019: Sampling and on-site water treatment with ceramic pump (left-hand side)

October 2019: Sterilizing the foot valve

Unplanned settlement

June 2019 sampling: Private borehole

June 2019 sampling: Community borehole

June 2019 sampling: Piped supply

June 2019 sampling: Shallow well

June 2019: pH/temperature/conductivity

June 2019: Filtration on-site for chemical analysis

June 2019: Water chemistry

June 2019: Alkalinity by titration

June 2019: DNA extraction

June 2019: Mini-PCR

April 2018: Field work in Dar es Salaam

April 2018: Molecular microbiology training

April 2018: Working into the night

2018: Measuring pH in the River Allen

May 2016: Initial sampling campaign