Conference in Samsun

Relaxing with my good friends Profs Yuksel Ardali and Hrissi Karapanagioti after a successful Climate Cooperation and Green Deal Symposium 2022 in Samsun at Ondokuz Mayis University. Yuksel and Hrissi visited Newcastle University with their children for a few months over 10 years ago. It goes to show the importance of face to face meetings and informal conversations, which transform professional contacts into life-long friendships.

Spatiotemporal variation of bacterial hazards in the Akaki catchment, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Molecular markers link Vibrio cholerae hazards in the Akaki catchment to human sewage pollution. 0.6-20% of fecal coliforms in the rivers of the catchment had ESBL producing antibiotic resistance traits. Hazards were highest in the dry season when river water is used for irrigation. Read our paper in Science of the Total Environment.